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Seven ways you might be losing out on search rankings


Consider these solutions for optimizing SEO, if your site consistently struggles to rank for targeted searches in spite of all other efforts to comply with Google's algorithms. If your site is consistently struggling to rank for targeted searches in spite of all efforts to comply with Google's algorithms, try these suggestions for optimizing SEO. 0 Comments

Never Losing the 'What' of Digital Advertising


From media platforms like Pinterest to e-commerce sites like Amazon, brand-to-consumer communication remains driven by search with a comprehension of customer intent the epicenter. The evolution of media platforms like Pinterest and e-commerce hubs like Amazon shows brand-to-customer communications motivated by search with a comprehension of consumer intent at the core. 0 Comments

Do You Have a Diversified Local Strategy?


Now that Google has reduced its local listing positions, brands using a limited ad strategy deter ranking efforts. Here’s why it’s important to have a diverse marketing strategy. Since Google has reduced the number of local listing positions, brands that fail to implement a diverse ad strategy will inevitably drop in the rankings. Here’s how you can avoid this fate. 0 Comments

On-Page, Link Signals the Most Important Local Ranking Factors


Moz just released the results of another survey in which respondents ranked local ranking factors, noting which ones they've paid more attention to since Google switched to three-packs. Since, Google switched its local search results to three-packs, marketers have paid more attention to the quality and authority of structured citations, according to new Moz research. 0 Comments

Does Video Enhance Predictive Search?


Predictive search is nothing new, but as YouTube has grown to the second-largest search engine, it's spread to video. Does that help it? Experts say yes, both in direct and indirect ways. Experts don't see eye-to-eye on how video enhances predictive search, though they agree that it does. 0 Comments

Halloween Tricks and Treats for Digital Marketers


The holiday shopping season is the most significant time of year for digital marketers, starting with Halloween. Consider these insights and optimize your ad campaign strategy. With Halloween just around the corner, the holiday shopping season is about to kick into high gear. Here are tricks to optimize your campaign strategy during this critical marketing period. 0 Comments

Google Found Guilty of Stifling Russian Competition

Yandex Logo

Per an anti-trust complaint filed by Yandex, Google has been found guilty of preloading Android devices with its own apps and banning others. What does this mean for Google's competition with Yandex? What does it mean for Google's rivalry with Yandex, now that the former has been found guilty of preloading Android devices with its own apps, banning those from competitors? 0 Comments

Google 3 Pack Shake Up: 5 Ways to Adjust Local SEO


Google recently made changes to its Local Pack, now only exhibiting three top search results. Here are five tips to help optimize your SEO strategy and remain relevant in local search. Recently, Google made adjustments to its Local Pack. Now with only three top search results on display, here are five tips to enhance your SEO strategy and remain visible in local search. 0 Comments

Will the Rise of Mobile Apps Kill SEO and SEM?


While mobile apps seem to be monopolizing much of search, SEO and SEM are not going anywhere anytime soon. But industry participants agree that the execution of search marketing has to change. While mobile apps seem to be monopolizing much of search, SEO and SEM are not going anywhere anytime soon. But industry participants agree that the execution of search marketing has to change. 0 Comments

Bing Ads Releases New Ad Extensions

Bing Ads

This explains the functionality of the upcoming ad extensions for Bing Ads. How will the launch of these features influence your cross-device PPC marketing campaign strategy? How can the functionality of the newest ad extension features for Bing Ads support and improve your current PPC marketing campaign strategy across multiple devices? 0 Comments

A 14 Point Checklist for Designing a PPC Landing Page


For a successful PPC strategy that regularly transforms clicks into conversions, consider this 13 point checklist to help improve the layout and design of your landing pages. This 14 point checklist for improving the layout and design of landing pages can optimize your PPC strategy by successfully transforming clicks into conversions. 0 Comments

Google AdWords Rolls Out Structured Snippets


Here's how Google AdWord's new ad extension, structured snippets, can optimize your advertising campaign by driving traffic, boosting CTR, and increasing conversion rates. Google AdWords recently released structured snippets. Here's how this ad extension can optimize campaign efforts by boosting CTR, driving traffic, and increasing conversion rates. 0 Comments

Bing Reveals a Frighteningly Delicious Recipe for PPC Success


Fall is nearly here, marking the start of the annual holiday shopping season. In anticipation of Halloween, here are tips to help marketers polish up omni-device PPC advertising campaigns. Halloween marks the first wave of holiday-focused shopping. Using Bing's analysis of last year's purchase trends, here are tricks to enhance your PPC marketing strategy. 0 Comments

SEO for E-Commerce Websites


Consider these insightful observations to address or avoid common conundrums that can arise while attempting to generate, manage, and improve the SEO for e-commerce websites. Here are ways to facilitate the optimization of e-commerce websites. These insightful observations can help you avoid common dilemmas while also enhancing an e-tailer's SEO. 0 Comments

Do App Interstitials Create A Bad User Experience?

The Ubuntu Meizu 4 had an impressive choice of apps

Google research says yes, counting the ad format among negative ranking factors. However, Yelp's CEO - and industry experts - remains skeptical of the company's reasoning. They do, according to Google, but Yelp's CEO and industry experts believe the search giant had ulterior motives with its study. 0 Comments