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Elite SEM maintains perfect record at U.S. Search Awards

Welcome sign in Las Vegas

Elite SEM was the big winner in Vegas, having won the "best large agency" award for the third straight year. But with 21 other categories, Elite was far from the only winner. Named best large agency at the U.S. Search Awards all three years, Elite SEM was the big winner last night. However, the agency wasn't the only winner, as there were 21 other categories. 0 Comments

Vine Your Way to ClickZ Live San Francisco

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge from below

ClickZ wants to bring out your inner child, by launching a Vine competition that encourages you to show off your favorite action figure. The winner will be whisked away to San Francisco for our upcoming event. ClickZ has launched a Vine competition and the grand prize is a trip to ClickZ Live San Francisco. 0 Comments