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The latest stories about social media marketing, including how-to guides to generate better engagement with your customers.

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  1. 3 Paths to Marketing Success From Personal Brands

    Recognizing the impact of personal branding and harnessing its power can create enormous gains for the brand. Your employee's visibility will fuel brand recognition, content development, incoming traffic, links, SEO, and PR and marketing efforts.

  2. New Facebook Test: Popular Pages In Your Area

    Facebook is testing a new feature called "Popular Pages in Your Area". The new section is located to the right of the News Feed beneath the Trending feature, which displays news results that Facebook's algorithms believe users will be interested in.

  3. How to Edit Post Copy on Instagram

    Have you made a spelling mistake or grammatical error on an Instagram post? Frustrating, right? Here's an easy way to edit post copy on Instagram without losing engagement. The following how to explains the process on an iPhone.

  4. The Complete Social Media Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Get organized and bring some order to your social media strategies with a little routine maintenance. Use this checklist to give your social profiles a deep cleaning and enter this new season with a tuned-up presence and strategy.

  5. How Brands Can Connect With Teens Using Social Media

    Teenagers can be a fickle group. Brands that win with teens stay ahead of the curve and are present on the platforms where their audience is, delivering stellar and engaging content to connect with them on a one-to-one level. Here are some examples.

  6. Majestic SEO Site Explorer Now Integrates With Twitter

    This handy feature makes it easy for you to tweet a snapshot of any website’s linking profile, including the Link Profile Chart if it’s available. The integration is done through Rich Snippet style semantic markup tailored to the Twitter API.

  7. 5 Tips for Using Facebook News Feed Ads

    The native advertising future has arrived – and Facebook, which invented the addictive, engaging, content feed format – isn't about to miss out. As an advertiser, make sure your News Feed ads are making the biggest impact possible with these tips.