How to Reach and Market to Moms During the Back-to-School Season [Study]

The back-to-school event is the second largest shopping experience in the U.S. behind major winter holidays, according to Experian Marketing Services, and a recent study shows what marketing activities reach the decision-makers – the moms – during this critical retail season.

Top Retail Sites Receiving Traffic from Back to School Search Terms

Nine percent of back-to-school search terms led shoppers to Walmart's website, while JCPenney and Macy's received 2 percent of traffic from these terms. Other retailers in the top 10: Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Apple Store, Amazon, Target, and Sears.

Experian dove into 2012 data to help forecast the 2013 season. Data showed the peak of the back-to-school season starting the last week of July in 2012, and Experian said retailers could be the driver.

“We expect this peak week trend to continue as retailers try to extend the Back to School season by starting earlier – a trend we’ve seen happen with the holidays and in particular Black Friday promotions.”

This early season trend is line with recent data from Googlethat showed the earliest back-to-school season in history occurring this year, according to its search data.

Experian said retailers can reach moms in several ways, and promote offers that give solutions to some of the concerns they have during this shopping event:

Moms Attitudes

Approximately 65 percent of moms with kids ages 6 to 17 were social media users in 2012, and consumed social on various devices:

Majority are active social media users

Data shows purchasing across multiple devices was also the norm in 2012 for categories like apparel and accessories:

Willing to purchase apparel across different devices

Experian said to also keep in mind that some retail categories experience a longer retail shelf life during the season. “Office supplies tend to peak sooner while interest in apparel continues after the school year begins once kids can see what everyone else is wearing.”

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