PC Meter Changes Name, To Resume Public Releases

PC Meter Changes Name,
To Resume Public Releases

From The Search Engine Report
Aug. 5
, 1997

PC Meter has changed its name to Media Metrix, and it plans to resume the public release of key statistics via its web site.

Data has not been posted publicly since February, with only some statistics provided to particular media outlets. The move was made for a number of reasons, in part because the company felt the raw numbers weren't being properly reported, but also because due to concerns about giving away its research for free.

The company is now planning a regular update of key statistics, according to Doug McFarland, senior VP and General Manager of Media Metrix.

Top search engines and domains will be listed, along with a rotating special interest list, to help provide a look at important sites beyond the heavy traffic draws.

The releases will also provide context to the numbers, so that stories won't simply revolve around rises and drops without explanation, McFarland said. It may also help resolve concerns voiced when companies combine domains to express audience.

For example, both Yahoo and Lycos dislike how Excite touts its high "network" share, because it combines the share of various Excite-owned sites such as WebCrawler and Magellan, rather than the lower number of any of them individually. Yet Excite counters that it can deliver to this audience, so citing the combined numbers is fair.

This issue is covered in more depth on the PC Meter page within Search Engine Watch. The page will also be updated shortly with March, April and May search engine audience shares for this year.

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