Search Engine Strategies Conference Coverage

A number of articles out of last month's Search Engine Strategies conference have been appearing, and links to some of them are below. If you missed it, the next conference will be November 14 and 15, in Dallas. More details can be found at the conference web site, below.

Search Engine Strategies

The agenda and information for Dallas hasn't yet been posted, but you can leave your email address to be notified when everything is ready.


A series of features summarizing the conference will begin in SearchDay next week, so be sure you've signed up for this newsletter.

Search Engine Strategies 2001 Report Web Search Guide, Aug. 21, 2001

Comprehensive, multi-part coverage of the conference.

Do search engines tell the truth?
CNN, Aug. 27, 2001

A look at how search engines are trying to earn revenue through paid placement and paid inclusion programs, with some comments out of the conference.

The Evolution of Search Engine Marketing
Academy of Web Specialists, Aug. 27, 2001

Some top overall marketing tips and news, out of the conference.

Relevant Info on Search Engines
Wired, Aug. 17, 2001,1367,46127,00.html

"Welcome to the red-light district of the search world -- the place where you pay to be on top." Looks at the growth in smaller, pure paid placement search engines, some of which exhibited at the conference.

The Search Engine Strategies Hits SF, Aug. 16, 2001,2198,3531_867631,00.html

Covers key points from my Back To Basics presentation.

Search Engines plea to Webmasters: Content, not "black magic"
Steve Murrell, Aug. 16, 2001

Overview of various comments and tips out of the conference, from an attendee.

WebSeed Update: Search Engine Strategies Show
WebSeed, Aug. 2001

Overview of the conference from the perspective of WebSeed, an SEO company and exhibitor.