Inktomi Launches European Search Center

Inktomi Launches European Search Center

From The Search Engine Report
June 2, 1999

Inktomi has opened an index of European web sites that will serve its partners who are based in Europe. The 50 million page index is based in the United Kingdom and mostly populated by content from European web servers.

"Our belief is we need to have a presence in Europe because of where content lies," said Inktomi spokesperson Kevin Brown.

Inktomi partners such as UKMax ( and Dagens Nyheter ( are expected to begin using the index within weeks.

The European index has more European pages than the main global index used by Inktomi partners such as HotBot. It also contain a selected number of pages from extremely popular sites from around the world. This means that even when doing a "European" or local search, users may be presented with non-European content.

This has been done intentionally, Inktomi says. The idea is that European users are looking for content mainly based in Europe, but that they also want to know about any other important pages worldwide without having to do a separate "global" search. Inktomi is able to do this by including a limited number of popular global pages in the European index.

Inktomi's European partners will still be able to offer a separate "global" search option, for those that wish to look across the web in more depth. But Inktomi also says its possible that some European pages may be removed from the "global" index in the future, so that it can contain more content from US-based and other web sites.

Inktomi also announced that it is now powering the AOL-owned CompuServe search service, which was previously powered by Excite. AOL's other important search services, AOL NetFind and Netscape Search, remain powered by Excite, but that relationship is expected to end soon. Inktomi wouldn't say whether it was in line to take over from Excite, but the CompuServe deal clearly gives it an edge.


Inktomi Partners

A list of partners, including regional search services, that use Inktomi's search engine.


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