AT&T Reaches Out To Search Engines

AT&T Reaches Out To Search Engines

From The Search Engine Report
June 3, 1998

Yahoo Online, a branded Internet access service in partnership with MCI launched in March. Now MCI competitor AT&T has teamed with three Yahoo competitors to help them establish their own access services.

Expect to see Excite Online, Lycos Online and Infoseek Online all offered in the coming months. AT&T cut three-year deals with the services in early May.

AT&T is to receive some prominent placement of its telecommunications products, in particular through a "Personal Communications Center" at each of the services. Products such as calling cards and calling plans will be promoted.

The company also cut a deal with Yahoo in May to be prominently positioned throughout the service.

Turning Users Into Members
The Search Engine Report, Feb. 3 1998

Discusses advantages search engines may gain by acquiring paid "members" via branded access services as opposed to users who come to their sites from elsewhere.

AT&T broadens Net strategy, May 8, 1998,4,21944,00.html

Story emphasizes more what AT&T gets out of the deals, rather than the search services.