New Search Lookup Tool Available

New Search Lookup Tool Available

From The Search Engine Report
Oct. 4, 1999

GuruNet, still in beta testing, lets you highlight or Alt-Click on words in a document and then send them to an online dictionary or thesaurus. You can also send the words as a query to one of several search engines. It includes an ability to view and suggest related links for a site, but little of this actually works yet. Additional information is offered, as appropriate, such as stock charts and news headlines.

The main downside to GuruNet is that it requires a 700K download. Nor is the program integrated into your browser, though I didn't mind this as much with other standalone search utilities. Overall, GuruNet puts an amazing amount of quality information at your fingertips.



A mature product that offers similar functionality to GuruNet and far more search functionality. It also directly integrates into your browser. Internet Explorer users can even download it in less than a minute.


Allows you to "jump" directly to major companies by entering their names, stock ticker symbols or trademarks. More importantly, it provides easy access to a wealth of data about these companies: financial data, stock quotes, management teams, SEC filings and more. Use it directly online or download a software companion for Windows 95/98/NT.

Webopedia Personal Search Tool

Easy access to technical definitions from within your browser, and no download time to speak of to install it.

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