Netscape Enhances Smart Browsing

Netscape Enhances Smart Browsing

From The Search Engine Report
June 2, 1999

Netscape has made several enhancements to its Smart Browsing system, including the integration of material from AOL's Digital City and expanded What's Related information.

Now when you search for information containing a regional aspect, such as "san francisco movies" or "new york weather," you may be presented with relevant information from the Digital City site alongside other suggestions.

Netscape is also presenting more information to those clicking on What's Related button in its browser, which appears to the right of the "Netsite" address box. When viewing a web site, What's Related shows a list of other sites that are similar in content. Additionally, it will now show related categories from the Netscape Open Directory, if the site you are viewing itself is listed somewhere within the directory. Also, the new "site info" option presents data about the site's popularity and ownership, as drawn from the Alexa database. Selecting the "Detailed List" option will present all the What's Related information on a web page, for easier viewing.

Smart Browsing is available to those using Communicator 4 or higher. A new 4.6 version has just been released.

Netscape Smart Browsing

Learn more about Smart Browsing, with an option to try it online even if you don't have Netscape. A link to download the Communicator browser is also listed.

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