Infoseek Gets New Look

Infoseek Gets New Look

From The Search Engine Report
Sept. 3, 1997

Infoseek unveiled a new design for the search service on Aug. 20, 1997. The home page has been redesigned to better emphasize particular areas of the service.

A box at the top of the page emphasizes the pure search service, while below it, the directory area is highlighted. Along the left side of the screen are special search features that Infoseek offers, such as news, reference, yellow pages and image searching.

"Before, we had the stuff grouped that way, but it wasn't real obvious," said product manager Sue LaChance Porter. "We found with usability testing, that there is much more a comfort level with this new user interface."

On the inside search result pages, a suggestions column runs alongside the left side of the screen, while standard search results appear on the right side. In the suggestions column are related services that may be of interest.

"Best Bets," at the top of the column, highlights specialty business information, when relevant to the topic. "Related Topics" highlights categories of interest within Infoseek's associated directory. "Related News" brings up news stories that may be of interest, from the news sources that Infoseek crawls.

In the past, a search box appeared at the top of the results pages, and the default was to narrow a search with words that were entered. It was rather awkward to scroll back up to perform a new search, and the default setting made it easy to narrow a search accidentally, when the intent was to start a new search.

Now, a search box and new buttons appear at the top and bottom of each search results page suggesting "New Search" or "Search These Results."

To perform a completely new search, enter your terms and select New Search. Otherwise, narrowing a search is easy. Add a few terms within the box, select "Search These Results," and Infoseek will now search only within the original list of documents it found.

Small changes have also been made throughout the service. Search tips randomly change and appear near the search box. The help files have been cleaned up and slightly reorganized.