Snap Gets Popularity Results

From The Search Engine Report
July 6,

Snap is now using GlobalBrain technology to refine its results and make the most popular sites appear first. As with Direct Hit, the technology monitors what sites people are clicking on and moves the top choices higher.

"A clear example that the technology is working is that the number one answer when you search for WWF is Sable," said Sam Parker, Snap's Vice President of Product Development. Sable is an extremely popular WWF player. "The users have spoken, and that's what they are looking for, so that site rises to the top," he said.

Similarly, while Snap thought the official Pokemon site would be a top choice among users, the popularity ranking shows that personal fan sites are the draw. " keeps getting pushed down. That was quite a surprise," said Snap producer Paul Wood.

Within categories, sites are still arranged alphabetically. But Snap expects that this may change in the future. Sites would be listed by popularity, or an option to order them this way might be offered.

GlobalBrain also has the ability to produce personalized results, so that results are formatted based on a person's age, sex or geographical location, among other factors. There are no immediate plans to introduce this type of refinement.

Snap has an exclusive, multiyear license to GlobalBrain's technology and has gained a equity stake in the company, as part of the deal.


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