Open Text Repositions Its Web Index

Open Text Repositions Its Web Index

From The Search Engine Report
March 31, 1998

The Open Text Index used to be one of the major search services, always compared alongside players such as Infoseek and Lycos. But from mid-1996 onward, the service fell into decline. Open Text had made a decision to concentrate on its software products, and the quality and prominence of its web-wide index suffered.

For example, AltaVista replaced Open Text as Yahoo's search engine partner in mid-1996. The Open Text Index URL submission page closed for several months later that year, and the size of the index remained static, despite the web's growth. By mid-1997, there was no compelling reason for marketers to list their sites with Open Text or for searchers to use the service.

Open Text put the final nail in the Open Text Index's coffin on March 16, completely closing the service. However, in its place, it has erected a new, business-oriented service called Livelink Pinstripe.

After allowing the Open Text Index to slowly wither away, Livelink Pinstripe is a surprising and impressive effort from the same company. The service is colorful, organized and smartly leverages partnerships with various providers to make information available.

The web index is now based on crawl of business-oriented web sites, with the database updated every two weeks. Sites include businesses on the Fortune 1000, Global 500 and Forbes 500 lists, as well as sites with content about business issues. The idea is that this focused database will present results more suited for business users.

The idea is also that this business-oriented service will also attract a business audience interested in purchasing Open Text's software packages, the company said. While advertising is accepted, the site will also pay for itself by being a more effective and better targeted showcase than the old index.

Search can be done across all sites in the database or just among sites that belong in particular categories that Open Text calls "slices." These categories include topics such as "Construction" or "Retail Trade."

Pinstripe also offers specialty services in cooperation with partners. WhoWhere provides people searching. makes stock searching available. All specialty services are available via navigation bar at the top of the screen.

A custom crawl of news sites is also planned within a week or so. However, only 10 sites will be indexed, making other news search services such as Excite's NewsTracker or Wired's NewsBot better choices.

I've not tested the quality of results from Pinstripe vs. business searching at the major search engines. However, results tend to be subjective, anyway. If you are a business user and unhappy with your current service, experimenting with Pinstripe certainly seems worth a try.

As for web marketers, Open Text should have been marked off your "must submit to" list long ago. Now it most definitely is, as submissions are no longer accepted or really suitable for the new service. If submitting to the major search engines isn't enough, consider up-and-coming spider-based services such as Northern Light, PlanetSearch and GoTo.

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