Life After Yahoo Discussion

Life After Yahoo Discussion

From The Search Engine Report
March 31, 1998

The Online Advertising Discussion List had an interesting thread called "Can we live without Yahoo?" Moderator Richard Hoy raised the issue, discussing the difficulty of explaining to clients that they may not get listed in the directory.

"This is a bit of a headache for an agency like mine. How do you explain to a client that they might not get listed when Yahoo's own (submission) form doesn't clearly state this," Hoy asked.

Responses ranged from "I managed to get in with no problem" to "I'm still trying." These reflect many of the same sentiments expressed during Search Engine Watch's Yahoo Special Report. Conducted last year, the findings in the report still remain very true.

A portion of the discussion revolved around the idea that getting listed may now be more a PR effort. Sending out press releases and building up the overall awareness of a site may convince Yahoo editors to list it, some felt.

One person voiced an obligation theme that often comes up when discussing Yahoo's reluctance to list everything submitted:

"Internet users have demonstrated great support for Yahoo, indeed, built much of the content of Yahoo one URL at a time and to a large and significant extent made it possible for Yahoo to be what it is today," wrote Bob Schmidt. "It would not be asking too much of Yahoo to use some of its rich resources to organize itself so as to make it possible for every web site to be listed in the appropriate category."

There were also a few complaints about outdated links, along with concern about inaccurate descriptions and the inability to get these changed.

"I have not had trouble getting my clients listed. I have had problems getting listings edited or categorized correctly. One description had a typo in it (not original to my submission, apparently inserted by a Yahoo editor). They didn't care. Another client, Swiss Army Brands, received an irrelevant description, nothing like my original submission," wrote Kim Brooks.

Finally, some expressed surprise to that Yahoo considers itself a "media company," not a search service. This shouldn't be that much a surprise. Over the past year or so, most of the search services have made substantial moves to transform themselves into more than just listing services.

Search Engine Watch's Yahoo Special Report

Summarizes the experience of over 150 people who have submitted to Yahoo, as well as provides a long interview with Yahoo's Director of Surfing about listing policies.

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The Search Engine Report, Jan. 9, 1998

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