Infoseek Releases New Intranet Search Software

Infoseek has released a new version of its intranet and web site search software, Ultraseek Server 3. The company also announced a new add-on for the package called CCE, for Content Classification Engine, which organizes information automatically into Yahoo-like categories of information.

With CCE, users can browse topics and see documents available in a list format. Also, when users perform keyword searches, they are shown related topics in the same way the Infoseek web-wide search engine currently presents matches from its directory within its search results.

CCE can create a basic directory structure quickly with two techniques. It can import and analyze information from a site map and classify documents accordingly. Also, by examining the directory structure of a server, it can make educated guesses about how to categorize documents.

For example, all documents relating to employee benefits might be kept in a benefits directory on a server, while employee contact details might be in another directory. If this type of structure exists, then CCE will take advantage of it to build a category tree.

Administrators can also add new topics and change categories, as desired.

As for the core Ultraseek Server software, it offers new support for XML, SSL encryption, date range searching and extended lexical support for 10 different languages. The package is currently used at over 500 sites. Clients include companies such as Ford, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard and CNN.

Pricing for Ultraseek Server begins at $995 for 1,000 document sites, with price breaks as document numbers increase. CCE pricing starts $4,995 for sites with up to 50,000 documents. The software can be downloaded online via the URL below.

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