Search Engines Get Fancy With Ads

Search Engines Get Fancy With Ads

From The Search Engine Report
Sept. 3, 1997

Several search engines have unveiled a range of next-generation banner ads. Excite, Infoseek and Lycos all debuted ads in August that do more than sit on the page.

Lycos is currently testing two new ad formats. V-Banner delivers video messages without requiring browser plug-ins, while Enliven delivers ads that interact with visitors. The new ad formats were launched Aug. 13 and will be tested for 30 days. Companies testing the ads on Lycos include Microsoft, Budweiser, Volvo and HP.

The V-Banner ads are designed to let advertisers convert broadcast campaigns for use on the web. The technology adds video to banner ads and requires no special plug-ins for most users. The V-Banner product is from InterVU.

The Enliven ads lets viewers respond to questions, then directs viewers to specific pages within an advertiser's site, depending on responses. The ads can also gather data such as how long a viewer interacts with the ad; how many times they click; how long their cursor hovers on an ad and where they are directed to. The Enliven ad product is from Narrative Communications.

Infoseek also announced that it would be using Enliven ads on Aug. 13. To see them, visit Infoseek and search for "Narrative" or "Enliven."

Meanwhile, Excite is now offering Java-enhanced banners to its advertisers, which will allow advertisers to deliver multiple messages, images and animated effects through the ad.

The ads are being tested with four charter advertisers. Excite will also run banners of its own featuring its free email service, MailExcite. Java-enhanced banners will become a regular offering to advertisers in October.

In addition to interactive message delivery, the banners can also log specifics about how long it was viewed, where a person clicked and other information. The ads use Zapa's MicroSites technology.

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