September 99 Search Engine Briefs

September 99 Search Engine Briefs

From The Search Engine Report
Sept. 3, 1999

Lycos, Copernic Release Search Tools

A new utility from Lycos allows those using Internet Explorer 4 or 5 to highlight any words on a web page, then right click and send the words as a query to the Lycos search engine. Installation takes only a few seconds.

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Copernic has released versions of its desktop meta search tool for Mac users. A free version provides basic search abilities, including the ability to query the major search engines, while a fee version includes the ability to perform over 100 specialty searches.



GovSearch To Keep Going

Earlier this year, Northern Light launched a new government search engine in partnership with the US Department of Commerce's National Technical Information Service. Apparently, the NTIS is now to be closed -- but Northern Light says it will continue to run the government search engine on its own.