Google Improves Newsgroups, Makes Inroads To Japan

As promised, Google has now made the full archives of newsgroup postings it acquired from Deja available via its Google Groups service. The archived messages, more than 650 million in all, date back to March 29, 1995.

The company has also added new advanced features allowing searches to be limited by date, language, message ID, author, subject or newsgroup. The company also expects to open a web-based newsgroup posting feature later this month.

Google has also launched a new Google Japan site, as well as having entered a partnership to provide some results to both Yahoo Japan and @nifty, said to be Japan's largest ISP. Google also has an earlier partnership with NEC's Google says that these deals now have it powering the top three Japanese portals.

Google Groups

Google Groups Advanced Search

Narrow your newsgroup searches with the new advanced options on this page.


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Google Restores Deja View
Wired, April 27, 2001,1367,43392,00.html

After the grief Google endured when originally acquiring the Deja archives, this reaction piece documents the positive response to the latest improvements from Google.

Google Acquires Deja Newsgroup Service, March 6, 2001

Past article about Google's acquisition of the Deja archives.

Google Japan

The latest of Google's country-specific versions was launched in late April to serve Japan.

Yahoo Japan


Search service aimed at @nifty users. @nifty is said to be Japan's largest ISP.


NEC-backed Japanese portal, with search powered by Google.

Dropped by goo, Yahoo links with Google
Daily Yomiuri, April 17, 2001

NTT-X's Goo is apparently Japan's leading crawler-based search engine, and it has provided secondary results to Yahoo Japan, in the past. That relationship has ended, with Google being picked up as Yahoo Japan's new partner.

Want to know more about Japanese search engines. If you read Japanese, SearchDesk is supposed to be the site on the subject.