WWW9 Features Search Papers

WWW9 Features Search Papers

From The Search Engine Report
June 2, 2000

Those looking for technical papers relating to search should head over to the proceedings of the recent Ninth International World Wide Web Conference, which was held from May 15 to 19. I've highlighted a few documents that seemed particularly interesting, but even more can be found via the table of contents, below. Be warned -- these are highly technical documents.

WWW9 Proceedings: Table of Contents

A full list of papers presented at the conference.

The Term Vector Database: fast access to indexing terms for Web pages

What's term vectoring? Think of it as automatically tagging a page with its relevant unique keywords. Why care? This paper from Compaq Systems Research, Google and AltaVista describes how term vectoring can be used alongside link analysis to ensure that high-quality pages are returned. It can also be used for automatically classifying web pages against directory topics.

Focused Web Searching with PDAs

Google makes use of the second method described in this paper, translating pages on the fly into a PDA-friendly format. The "Power Brower" project goes beyond this mainly by adding keyword support -- enter a few words, and it will suggest terms, saving you from trying to spell out a query on a tiny number pad.

SearchPad: Explicit Capture of Search Context to Support Web Search

Describes a method of automatically tracking results found at various search engines without requiring a user to download software or take special actions.

Query Routing for Web Search Engines: Architecture and Experiments

Describes an automated method of selecting the right vertical or specialty search engine to serve a user's query.