Infoseek Launches Advanced Search

Infoseek Launches Advanced Search

From The Search Engine Report
March 31, 1998

Infoseek added a new advanced search page on March 24, allowing novice users to make better use of its power searching features.

Drop-down boxes let users choose whether to search within an entire web page, the title of a page, the URL of a page or within the text of hyperlinks for matching terms. These aren't new features for Infoseek, but this page allows users to employ them without having to know search commands.

There are three rows of these boxes, and they can be used together to build powerful queries. For example, one could use the first row to say "document must contain the phrase oscar winners" and the second row to say "document should not contain the word 1998." The result should filter out any pages about this year's Oscar awards.

The page is also the place to go if you want to see more than 10 results at a time. Now you can specify 10, 20, 25 or 50 results per page.

The advanced page also allows users to narrow searches to within Infoseek's "collections." These are custom crawls it does of sites it feels are important for categories such as "Business" and "Computers." Searches are only done among pages from these sites. Infoseek also provides this functionality to

Narrowing can also be done geographically, restricting results to domains that match particular countries or regions of the world. There can be problems with this type of restriction, such as when a non-US site uses a .com domain. That's where AltaVista's Search By Language feature can be useful, instead. However, the narrowing will be helpful to many people. There's also the ability to filter by the five most used US domains, .com, .edu, .gov, .net, and .org.

Infoseek also added dates to its listings about a month ago. These reflect when a page reports it was created or changed, and that can be a big help in guestimating whether a search engine's index is fresh or old.

To use advanced search, simply select the "Advanced Search" link that appears above the search box on the home page. It also appears at the top of the results pages. JavaScript is required.

Also, Infoseek is continuing to develop the page, so expect further changes and refinements over the coming weeks, as well as more features.

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