Excite Round-Up

Excite Round-Up

From The Search Engine Report
June 2, 1999

There were a number of changes at Excite in May, which I though best to cover in one single round-up. So let's dive in:

+ Excite has begun integrating custom content into its directory listing, similar to how this custom content is already appearing within search results. For instance, if you browse into the Major League Baseball category, you'd discover baseball scores and statistics along with actual web site listings.

"We're trying to condition users to recognize that the directory is a single place they can go to find everything around that topic," said Abbot Chambers, who oversees the Excite directory.

To browse the directory, simply begin navigating from one of the topics on the Excite home page, just underneath the search box. To learn more about Excite's custom content, see the article below.

+ New options were added for personalizing the Excite home page, including the ability to minimize components such as stock listings and add new content components such as soap opera updates.

The best feature is the ability to easily add a photo to the home page. Just select an image on your computer using a simple point-and-click interface, and Excite instantly resizes it and displays it on your home page. I know it has nothing to do with search, but it's still pretty slick to go to Excite and see a picture of my son welcoming me there!

+ The merger with @Home was completed, producing new company called Excite@Home.

+ Excite has launched the Excite Affiliates Network, which allows sites to add content from Excite to their pages for free. This includes items such as web and news search, sports scores and standings, stock quote lookups or weather. Using Excite content also generates credit for free online advertising in the SmartClicks network of small business sites.

+ The new Excite Search Voyeur shows you what topics people are searching for at Excite. This is similar to the Magellan Search Voyeur and the WebCrawler Search Voyeur which run on Excite's other properties. My impression is that queries from all three of Excite's search services are dumped into a common pool that these various "Voyeur" services tap into. If so, that would mean that no matter which Voyeur you use, you are seeing queries from across the Excite network.

+ Excite's partnership to power searches from within Real's RealPlayer was ended in May, and its partnership to produce the Netscape NetCenter web site is scheduled to end on June 17.

+ Excite has launched a broadband service, ExciteExtreme, while also making an application available to access personalized information via the narrowband Palm VII. I think narrowband is going to be far more important a venue for portals than broadband, so expect me (and my new Palm III -- should have gotten the IIIX!) to explore this more in the future.


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