Direct Hit Begins Netscape Trial, Has New Partners

Direct Hit, which debuted on HotBot in August, is now running with two additional partners and under trial at Netscape.

At Netscape, Direct Hit results are now being offered in response to some of the service's more popular search terms, such as "beanie babies" and "horoscopes."

Netscape is testing the technology over the next two weeks, and Direct Hit CEO Mike Cassidy says that feedback so far is running 10 to 1 in favor of the service becoming a permanent addition.

If Direct Hit results are available for your search at Netscape, you'll see a "Top 10 Sites" link appear in the "Start Here" box that appears about many search results.

Direct Hit is also available to Mac users running Apple OS 8.5, as a plug-in to the new Sherlock search utility. See the link below for more information.

Users of AOL's ICQ messaging service will discover Direct Hit will be launching there in beta shortly. Watch the Direct Hit site for more details on how the system will work with the ICQ client.

Direct Hit

Direct Hit for Apple OS 8.5


Counting Clicks and Looking At Links
The Search Engine Report, Aug. 4, 1998

More about how the Direct Hit system works.