AltaVista Canada Expands

AltaVista Canada Expands

From The Search Engine Report
August 4, 1998

AltaVista Canada has expanded its Canadian index to more than 14 million web pages, it was announced July 13.

The service launched in January and operates two indexes: a worldwide one, which is a mirror version of the AltaVista index, and a Canadian index, which is created through a custom crawl of Canadian web sites.

The service has a system that automatically finds Canadian web sites, even if they are hosted under non-Canadian domains, such as .com or .org. AltaVista Canada manager Sandro Berardocco declined to specify how exactly this is done, but he said it is effectively finding Canadian sites that would otherwise be missed if only sites in the .ca Canadian domain were crawled.

In contrast, the recently launched service, which is powered by Inktomi, relies on domain filtering in order to produce Canada-specific results. When enabled, only sites from within the .ca domain are listed. In a worldwide search, any Canadian sites are noted with a Canadian flag icon.

There is no way to submit a site to AltaVista Canada. If your site isn't listed, the service suggests notifying it via email. A long-term solution is to register a .ca domain, which are free from the Canadian government, Berardocco said.

AltaVista Canada is produced locally by Telus Advertising Services, a subsidiary of the Edmonton-based Telus Corporation, Canada's third largest telecommunications company. The subsidiary also publishes phone directories and provides other informational services, targeted primarily at Alberta businesses.

Canadians and those visiting Canada may also find Alcanseek of interest. It is a directory of Alaska and Canada-related web sites created in May 1997 and recently relaunched.

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