August 99 Search Engine Briefs

August 99 Search Engine Briefs

From The Search Engine Report
August 2, 1999

Search Within, Text-Only Features At HotBot

HotBot has added a "Search Within" feature to its site. After you do a search, look to the right of the search box on the results page. You'll see a "Search within these results" option. Select the option, then enter new terms, and HotBot will run your query against only the pages that were found from the original search.

Another relatively new feature is a text-only mode. Hate ads and graphics? HotBot's text-only search is quick and fast. The URL below takes you to it, or click on the "Text-only version" link you'll find at the bottom of HotBot's pages.


HotBot Text-Only Version


Northern Light Adds Clustering

Northern Light is now clustering its results, so that only one page per web site appears in the top listings. Any additional pages are accessible by clicking on the "More Results" link below the page listing.

Northern Light has also reduced the number of results presented by default from 25 to 10, which apparently has upset some users. The service said this was done to cope with an increase in traffic caused by the Nature article on search engine sizes. Northern Light was found to be the most comprehensive search engine in that article, which attracted many new visitors.

Later this year, Northern Light says it will introduce customization so that users can select to see 10, 20, 50 or 100 results by default.

Northern Light


Playboy Loses In Excite Banner Dispute

In January, Playboy sued Excite for selling banner ads that appeared in response to searches for "playboy" and "playmate." Now it has lost its case, but this still doesn't mean that search engines have carte blanche to sell ads linked to trademarked terms. In the Playboy case, the US District Court apparently ruled that the disputed terms were too generic for Playboy to have a sole hold over them. In contrast, a similar case filed against Excite by Estie Lauder could succeed if a court decides the disputed terms in the case are entitled to protection. Of course, a court might also decide that the practice is perfectly acceptable, even if trademarked terms are involved.

Playboy loses trademark suit, July 22, 1999,4,0-39496,00.html

Details on the recent ruling.

Excite, Netscape Sued Over Banner Ads
The Search Engine Report, March 1999

Background about the lawsuits.


Snap Gains Image Search

Snap is now featuring an image search capability, powered by Previously known as ArribaVista, also offers image searching directly via its web site. The company is embarking on a new strategy of powering image search for other sites.

Snap Picture Finder,584,-0,00.html


Metasearch Service Caters To Visually Impaired

A new metasearch service,, is apparently designed to work well with devices for the visually impaired, such as text-to-speech technology and Braille displays.