Targeted Categories At Excite

Excite has programmed various categories of words so that specially targeted information appears at the top of its search result pages. The chart below lists many of these categories, along with some specific examples you can try. Be aware that far more terms than are listed will produce targeted results. In general, look at the specific examples and use them as a guide for finding the information you're looking for. Also see the Excite Results Get More Targeted article for more information about targeted results at Excite.

Category Examples
Autos jeep cherokee
mazda 626
Colleges & Universities harvard
univerity of michigan
Companies: By Name disney
hewlett packard
Companies: By Ticker Symbol

(Note: some exceptions due to overlap with real words or other names, such as cnn or npr)

Locations: Cities new york
Locations: US states california
new york state
Locations: Provinces quebec province
Locations: Countries united states
Lottery california lottery
new york lottery
News: Current Events clinton news
kosovo news
News: By News Provider variety news
wired news
ziff davis news
News: By Topic business news entertainment news health news
national news
science news
sports news
technology news
top news
world news
Entertainment: Actors/Actresses/Directors: clint eastwood
tom hanks
katharine hepburn
stanley kubrick
george lucas
julia roberts
Entertainment: Movies The Corruptor
You've got mail
The thin red line
Gone with the wind
Entertainment: Music Albums eric clapton pilgrim
madonna true blue
Music Artists & Composers:
Clint Black
Etta James
Dave Matthews band
wolfgang amadeus mozart
Entertainment: TV Shows ally mcbeal
just shoot me
Horoscopes horoscope
Lottery california lottery
new york lottery
Sports: Teams, Players, Leagues golden state warriors
tiger woods
ncaa basketball
sf baseball
Weather: By City new york weather
paris weather
tokyo weather
washington dc weather


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