MSN Adds Preview Screenshots, Ability To Dig Deeper Into Results

MSN Search is now showing "Search Preview" screenshots of web sites in results from within Internet Explorer while also offering the ability to go past the top 200 results.

Those using Internet Explorer's "Search Assistant" can see the screenshots. This is activated by pushing the Search button from the Internet Explorer toolbar. A new window then opens on the left-hand side of your screen, where you can enter a search. Once you've done this, text listings will appear in the left-hand side of the screen, while the first six listings from that list will appear with screenshots of their home pages on the right-hand side.

Unfortunately, there's currently no "next" button for the screenshot listings to let you visually review more than the first six queries for any topic. The functionality also doesn't work for those using the "Search Companion" mode within IE6.

Search Preview was put into development last September, then began being publicly used for a small portion of IE-generated searches since the beginning of this year. Now it has been rolled out to anyone using the Internet Explorer browser version 5 or higher for the PC, in the United States. It may be expanded internationally in the future, as well as to Mac users.

In another change made last month, you can now see up to 1,000 results from MSN Search. Previously, you were unable to "next" your way past the 200th listing.

Searching & Navigating Via Internet Explorer
The Search Engine Report, April 2, 2002

This article explains what the Search Assistant and the Search Companion are within Internet Explorer and how to use them. Ignore references to RealNames, as that functionality no longer works.

MSN Search Preview Help!data/en_us/data/Searchv4.its51/$content$/what_searchprev.htm

Answers to questions about Search Preview can be found here. Be sure to follow the Search Preview Top Questions link on this page, which covers many topics, including how to prevent screenshots for your site being displayed and how to disable screenshots from appearing in your results.

MSN Search Assistant Hack

Don't have access to Search Assistant. Try a search from this page to get a feel for the screenshot portion of the results.

The company providing the screenshot technology to MSN Search. It offers the ability to add on screenshot search technology directly into your browser.

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