Inktomi To Acquire Ultraseek From

Inktomi To Acquire Ultraseek From

By Danny Sullivan
June 8, 2000

Inktomi has announced that it is to acquire Ultraseek Corporation, the subsidiary of that produces search software used by web sites and companies for site-specific and Intranet searching. However, the move will have no impact on continuing to serve a general search market.

Inktomi is a leader in the web-wide search market, providing results that are rebranded by major search sites such as MSN Search and Yahoo. Inktomi also powers a number of smaller vertical portals. However, Inktomi has never competed in the enterprise search market. It has no products for clients wanting to make their sites or Intranets searchable. The Ultraseek acquisition will give Inktomi not only an enterprise product but also one that has an existing client base and product history. The acquisition is expected to close in November, Inktomi says.

The move should strengthen Inktomi's position in the search market, because it is not unusual for those seeking enterprise search solutions to turn to the leaders in the web-wide search market. For instance, AltaVista has a growing software division specifically designed to serve the enterprise market. Now, Inktomi can also fulfill such search needs.

"If somebody needs something for search, we'd like them to be able to come to Inktomi regardless of the application," said Troy Toman, Director of Business Development for Inktomi's search division.

The sale will not impact web-wide searching at The company, which emerged out of a partnership between Disney and search company Infoseek, says that it retains the right to use any necessary technology for its separate web-wide search product and that it plans to continue offering web-wide searching, despite past statements about plans to focus the portal toward those interested in entertainment and recreational content.

"We are continuing to aggressively improve on and develop our search engine and directory technologies for broad internet search," said Go president Steve Wadsworth. "That core Infoseek [web-wide” technology is incredibly valuable. It's world-class, and we've got patented technologies that we are retaining."

Wadsworth stressed that Go will continue to provide web-wide search suitable for any type of user. Go hopes to distinguish itself by offering in-depth coverage relating to the areas of entertainment and recreation, but the site won't be limited to those topics.

"If somebody comes to our site and types in a query on some more obscure non-recreation or entertainment topic, we will return kick-ass search results," Wadsworth said.



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