July 99 Search Engine Briefs

July 99 Search Engine Briefs

From The Search Engine Report
July 6,

Inktomi To Power AOL Search Sites

Inktomi has been selected to take over from Excite in powering AOL NetFind and AOL's other search properties, including international versions of AOL NetFind. No changeover date for AOL NetFind has been announced, but Inktomi says the switch is likely to happen later this summer. For the time being, AOL NetFind continues to be powered by Excite. AOL is also apparently testing a new AOL Search service that will integrate results from across the web and from its own content.

AOL, Inktomi Expand Search Engine Collaboration
InternetNews.com, June 14, 1999

AOL developing search engine
News.com, June 21, 1999

AOL beats Netizen in domain spat
News.com, June 25, 1999

With all the effort AOL went through to gain control of aolsearch.com, it seems likely that's the address the new search service will use.


Direct Hit Deals Soon

Expect to see Direct Hit appear on two new search services later this week. It will become the default data source at one service, as it is at HotBot, and will appear in the more common "Top 10" button model at the other. An appearance on a European search service is also imminent. I'll post more details on the Search Engine News page when they become public. Meanwhile, Direct Hit is also completely powering a new search service for Zap.com. That means that Direct Hit is both spidering the web and refining results, rather than working in conjunction with other people's databases, which has been its usual model.

Direct Hit

Search Engine News



Inktomi Launches "Directory Engine"

Inktomi has announced a new "Directory Engine" product that automatically classifies web sites into categories. An important component of the Inktomi directory engine is that it makes use of link and caching data, among other things, to determine which documents are most popular. Inktomi also says that more use of popularity technology like link analysis has now been integrated into its search results.

Inktomi Directory Engine

More about the product.

Inktomi Introduces Directory Engine
InternetNews.com, June 15, 1999


LookSmart Gets New Look, Direct Hit

LookSmart has unveiled a new look that it has been beta testing for the past few months. A notable addition is the inclusion of Direct Hit results. To access them, click on the "Top 10 Most Visited Websites" link that appears above the search results, in the "site matches" section.



Fee-Free Searching At Gov.Search For Schools, Libraries

Northern Light's new Gov.Search government search engine shifted to a pay basis on June 14. In changes since my last report, Northern Light has lowered the daily search pass to US $5. Northern Light is also offering free search accounts to US public libraries and schools. To apply, just send a short message to Northern Light customer service at cs@northernlight.com, saying you'd like to be part of the free pass program. Everyone that emails will get more details in the near-future on how to apply when a formal system is in place. Finally, the NTIS is still involved with the site as a joint venture, despite any reports you may have heard about a pullout, Northern Light says.


US Government Search Engine Launched
The Search Engine Report, June 1999

More about the service and other government search options, such as via Google.


Does Yahoo Own You?

GeoCities members got a rude surprise when parent-company Yahoo revised the terms of using the free web page service. Under the revisions, Yahoo was granted the right to use a member's content without having to get permission or pay royalties. Yahoo has since revised its terms, but not all critics are happy. The stories below will bring you up to speed on the dispute:

Warner Bros. targets Yahoo's backlash
News.com, July 1, 1999

Yahoo relents on GeoCities terms
News.com, June 30, 1999

Yahoo's Lawyers Take Over the Asylum
WebDeveloper.com, June 29, 1999

Yahoo Angers Homesteaders
InternetNews.com, June 29, 1999

Boycott Yahoo

A protest site that emerged over the dispute.


New Position Checker Extends Coverage

TopDog is a relatively new position checker that's just come out with a new release. I haven't tested it yet, but a big plus to the software is that it apparently covers about 150 search services, including many international ones. It also provides submission support to about 80 of them. The software is for Windows platforms and costs US $149.



RealNames Coming To MSN

MSN will be adding RealNames information to its search results, and they'll also be incorporated into the AutoSearch feature of Internet Explorer 5. Expect the changes to happen in the fall of this year.




New Search Engine Performance Study Out

A new study of how search engines cover the web will be released tomorrow in Nature magazine. It was conducted by researchers at the NEC Research Institute, who did the landmark study of coverage that appeared in Science magazine last year. I can't provide specific findings until the public release tomorrow, but there's lots of interesting data. Look for details at the URL below, or watch the Search Engine News page.

Accessibility and Distribution of Information on the Web

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