A Webby, More Images, Date Range Search & Search Voyeurism At Google

Google has enlarged its image search service, added a new date range searching option and unveiled a way to discover popular search topics at the service. The service also received its third Webby award in July. More details are below:

Google Image Search

Google released a new, 66 percent larger index for Google Image Search in July. Google Image Search now enables users to search and browse 250 million digital images, 100 million more than the first index, which was released in June.

Google Date Range Search

Google has introduced the capability to restrict your search to pages that have been updated with a certain time frame. Google date range search uses a drop-down menu to restrict searches for web pages that have been updated in the past three months, six months, or year. Once a date range has been specified for a search, another drop-down menu will appear at the top of the results page, enabling users to manipulate the date range without back-clicking to the advanced search page. Google's date range search feature is available at the advanced search form for both Google and Google Groups.

Google Zeitgeist

Brand new, this provides a look at what people are searching for at Google. Shown are top gaining queries and declining queries, and these are being archived each week. Other treats currently shown are most misspelled queries, as well as languages and operating systems used when interacting with Google.

Google Wins 2001 Webby Award for Best Practices
Google Press Release, July 19, 2001

Google wins the new "Best Practices Award" at the recent Webby Awards, which means it was judged best among competing sites in content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity, and overall experience. Last year, Google won for Best Technical Achievement Award and the People's Voice Award, also in the Technical Achievement category.