Go Going Elsewhere, Loses Logo

Go Going Elsewhere, Loses Logo

From The Search Engine Report
Feb. 3, 2000

Go is planning to shift from being a general appeal portal to concentrate instead on featuring entertainment content, it was announced last week.

Exact details about how the Go Network will be transformed are still being developed, but Go had to go public with its plans now because a former employee leaked news of its change in strategy.

Go's public relations manger Shelly Greenhalgh said that general search capabilities will continue to be retained, but that a more entertainment-targeted search is likely to be promoted.

The change in direction is meant to build the Go brand among web users and offer a compelling reason for them to visit the network. Ironically, Go had an excellent brand that it has done its best to kill -- Infoseek.

Infoseek was one of the first major search engines and always one of the web's most visited sites. But during the portal madness of 1998, it was deemed necessary to assimilate the service into the new Go Network. Vestiges of the Infoseek brand were stamped out as much as possible, with the name being mainly relegated to Infoseek's corporate search solutions division and its meta search software, Infoseek Express.

Despite this, I still find people referring to Go as "Infoseek." Indeed, when I speak, I refer to Go in my presentations as TSFKAI, or The Service Formerly Known As Infoseek, to ensure everyone knows what I'm talking about. While the Go brand is struggling, the Infoseek brand still lives in the minds of many web users.

So why fight that? Soon after the Go Network launched, there were some hints that Infoseek might still survive as a search-only section of the network. Perhaps that time is now. Infoseek remains a very good search engine, especially for popular search topics. Stripped of portal clutter, Infoseek might better serve both old and new visitors looking for search.

In other news, Go was forced to again change its logo, after a preliminary injunction against it was reinstated. GoTo.com is suing Go, saying the company's logo infringes on GoTo.com's logo. The case goes to trial later this year.

Also, the Go Guides program now has over 10,000 volunteers cataloging the web, it was announced. Similar to the Open Directory, Go Guides invites participation from across the web to create its listings.

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