And More Google News

It was another busy month for Google, so here's a compilation of stories that cover its new news search service, a new "Search Microsoft" feature, how the Google Toolbar is being used to solve genetic puzzles and other items.

Google Turns Away Robots From Its Front Door
NewsBytes, March 28, 2002

Looks at how crawler-based Google blocks other crawlers from its site via robots.txt restrictions. Also surveys the robots.txt files of other search engines (or lack of them) at other popular web sites.

LookSmart France embraces Google
Webmaster World, March 26, 2002

While LookSmart may have acquired WiseNut, the service is apparently using Google as backup to its human-powered results in France.

Google turns up on CompuServe search, March 25, 2002

Paid listings from Google have shown up on CompuServe search, alongside those from Overture.

Google's New High Protein Diet
SearchDay, Mar. 25, 2002

Google is harnessing the collective computing power of its users to help model complex proteins, a project that could lead to the development of cures for Alzheimer's, cancer, AIDS and other diseases.

Google takes on supercomputing, March 22, 2002

Another look at the distributed Google Compute project.

BT Openworld and ntl move to Google
Webmaster World, March 22, 2002

Google results have shown up on two British ISP sites.

Ask the Search Engine & Google Launches News Search Beta
SearchDay, Mar. 14, 2002

What's the difference between paid placement and paid inclusion programs, and how do they affect search results? Stephen Baker from FAST Search and Transfer has the answer. Also has details on Google's new news search service.

Google's New News Search
About Web Search Guide, March 18, 2002

Looks at the new Google news offering and compares to some of the competition.

Google News Search

No, Google Hasn't Sold Out & Google Launches Microsoft Search
SearchDay, Mar. 12, 2002

Recent changes at Google have provoked cries of protest and alarm from both the media and webmasters. Pay no attention to this hoohaw: Google hasn't sold out. Also short details on new Search Microsoft service from Google.