iWon Brings Back Inktomi / Google Adds Picture Search, New Languages

Last month, I wrote about how iWon had switched to delivering pure paid placement results from GoTo, rather than the Inktomi-dominated listings it had historically used. iWon said this was a temporary move, and to its credit, Inktomi listings were returned in mid-June. They now appear midway down the results page, after the "Featured Listings" section, which are paid listings from GoTo.com.


iWon, Canada.com Go Paid Placement
The Search Engine Report, June 4, 2001

Past article about the iWon change.


Google Adds Picture Search, New Languages

Google has added a new picture search facility to its service, along with the ability to search in 48 languages, such as Bengali, Welsh, Telugu, Elmer Fudd and Pig Latin. Search Engine Watch's associate editor Chris Sherman has reviews of both new features available online, via the URLs below:

Speaking in Tongues at Google
SearchDay, June 25, 2001

Google's gone multilingual, allowing you to search in 48 languages. Soon, you'll be able to search in any language, and automatically translate results from one language to another.

Google Polishes its Image
SearchDay, June 26, 2001

Google has taken the wraps off its new specialized image search engine, allowing you to search and browse more than 150 million digital images.