New Sites In Search Links

New Sites In Search Links

From The Search Engine Report
July 5, 2000

Somehow, I managed to work my way through the nearly 300 submissions that had come into the Search Links area of Search Engine Watch. After killing about half that were no way search engines, and viewing way to many metacrawlers to count, I added about 100 new search engines. Here are a few notable ones you may wish to check out:

Inktomi-powered search engine that attempts to filter out adult content, web sites promoting hate, and possibly offensive material. Also accepts paid listings at the top of its results. Directory listings are created automatically using Inktomi's classification technology.

Web sites are organized into categories, then ranked in each category by how popular they are. Popularity is determined by online ratings service PC Data Online.


Spanish metacrawler that searches on the more popular search engines. It also has a database of questions and answers that aid the user when searching, similar to Ask Jeeves. Motor de busqueda que busca tu consulta en los buscadores mas populares en espanol.


Great service that lets you search through the audio files of popular US radio programs. Enter a subject, and you'll be shown matching programs and even be taken to the exact points in the shows where the subject is being discussed.


Directory of search engines, written in French.

Tell Somewherenear what type of business you want, such as a pub or cinema, then tell it your location, and the search engine will return matching businesses. If you have a WAP phone, there's a special version that's perfect for locating businesses while on the move. Locations are limited to Great Britain, for the moment.

R U Sure

Software-based comparison shopping search utility that has garnered good reviews.

Enter a question, and within a few minutes, a human being will respond with an answer via this web site.

Directory of free "web apps" or programs that run within your browser, such as calculators or games. Also lists Application Service Providers (ASPs) that produce fee-based web apps.


Finance search engine that indexes over 1.4 million financial Web pages. In addition to spidered results, there is a human-compiled directory.


Search or browse for more search engines and sites about search engines.