Northern Light Adds Research Options

Northern Light Adds Research Options

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June 2, 1999

Northern Light now also operates a "research" version of its service, where the default is to search within its Special Collection index. This index has information from over 5,400 publications, much of which is not available on the web. Searching is for free, and then documents can be purchased for between $1 and $4.

Northern Light says some research professionals prefer to search only Special Collection, rather than the entire web and the Special Collection combined, which is the default at the main Northern Light service. Northern Light Research was created to serve this particular audience. A shopping cart service is also active at the Research edition, making it easier to purchase several documents at the same time.

You can access the research version of Northern Light via the URL below. Be aware that if you do this, you will always be taken to the research version in the future, even if you try to go to the main service. To correct this, you'll have to delete the cookie that Northern Light installs on your computer. It should have the word northernlight in the filename.

Another relatively new feature are Northern Light's "Special Editions," which provide in-depth coverage of major news and current events. Assembled by Northern Light librarians, the Special Editions provide links to free articles within the Special Collection index, links to hand-picked relevant sites across the web and preprogrammed queries for searching the entire web. Current topics range from the Kosovo Crisis to the Year 2000 computer problem

Finally, Northern Light is now reporting a web index of 155 million pages and climbing, which gives it the largest index of any service, based on self-reported numbers. It bumps AltaVista into second place, at 150 million pages.

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