Moreover Powers AltaVista, NBCi News Search

Information from news search engine Moreover is now available at both AltaVista and NBCi, giving users of these services easier access to quality news content from across the web.

At AltaVista, try a search for "us budget," and you'll see examples of news links appearing just above the regular numbered results. Two headlines are shown, and if you select the "News on..." link above the headlines, you'll get a full-list of relevant news stories for that topic. Selecting the "News" tab above the search box on the results page works the same way.

The integration of headlines directly into the main results should help users locate news content with little effort. For example, many people may currently be searching for Napster. Some people want to know what's happening in the legal actions against the music site, while others simply wish to reach it. A search for "napster" at AltaVista now easily satisfies both at once, since Napster-related headlines and a link to the Napster site both appear.

Of course, the results for that particular search could have been better. The same story was repeated twice, and the Napster link in the regular web results was to the company's press page. In contrast, Google aces this particular test. It provided three relevant news headlines about Napster above its regular results, which themselves began with a link directly to the Napster home page.

AltaVista's use of Moreover still gives it an news search advantage, however. Moreover's collection of news content is much broader than the more limited news wires that Google hits. For example, selecting the "News on napster" link above the headlines at AltaVista reveals many links to news content from providers such as CNN, USA Today, The Boston Globe as well as Billboard, MTV and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

News headlines may not always appear at AltaVista when you expect them. For example, searches for "kuwait bombing" and "foot and mouth" suggested no headlines, despite these both currently being prominent news stories. No doubt this will improve as AltaVista fine-tunes the system -- it isn't even being formally announced until next Monday. However, news junkies may still prefer to go directly to the AltaVista news search site (see link below), which allows you to specifically search against Moreover's collection of stories. From there, searches for the two topics mentioned brought up plenty of stories.

NBCi has also recently begun using Moreover's news information. After performing a search, you'll see a new "Latest News" link just under the search box, on the results page. Select the link, and you'll be shown news stories related to your original search. By default, stories are listed with the newest first. However, the "Source" link above the headlines lets you resort by alphabetically by source -- all stories from ABC Online would come first, then the BBC, and so on. The "Relevance" link puts the stories in order of what NBCi believes are most relevant to your search.

As with AltaVista, NBCi also has a standalone news search area. Within it is the "Today's Headlines" area, and a "Headline News Search" box at the top of the page lets you search against the Moreover collection of stories.

As a reminder, iWon is another major search site to use Moreover's information. After searching, you'll find some headlines related to your search at the bottom of the results page, in the "News Articles" section. Selecting the small "More" link to the right of the News Articles section brings up additional stories. You can also begin a news search from the iWon news area.

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If you like Moreover, then Net2One is also worth a look. Like Moreover, it provides news feeds and keyword searching of news content from across the web. Editions for France, Sweden and the UK are also available via links at the bottom of the page. I expect to do a closer review of the service in the near future.


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