Inktomi Expands Inclusion Partners

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In conjunction with last month's Search Engine Strategies conference, Inktomi announced a number of new partners who are reselling its paid inclusion programs.

Inktomi operates two paid inclusion programs: Search Submit, which is aimed at small content publishers and Index Connect, which is designed for those with thousands of web pages they wish to list.

Previously, Inktomi had three major partners who were reselling Search Submit to site owners, while only two partners were handling Index Connect. Now many more partners have been added.

It's a dizzying array of choices, and one that is likely to be confusing for the site owner who wishes to explore the world of paid inclusion with Inktomi. To guide you in the changing landscape, let's first go back to each program to better understand what they offer.

Search Submit

Search Submit charges a flat fee for each URL you wish to list and guarantees that the URL will be listed in Inktomi's results for a year. The URL will also be revisited every two days, in case of changes. Up to 1,000 URLs can be enrolled through the program.

If you don't use Search Submit, you may still find that your pages get listed. Inktomi crawls the web independently of this program, so it can pick up your pages for free. However, if you have brand new pages that you want listed quickly, or pages that absolutely want to ensure appear in the index, Search Submit is an option to consider.

How much does it cost? For the first URL, $30, then between $12 to $15 for each URL after that, depending on the partner.

Index Connect

Paying a flat fee per URL can be prohibitively expensive for sites that have thousands of pages they'd like to include. This is where Inktomi's Index Connect program comes in. Designed for large sites, it features per click pricing for the pages that are included.

In other words, let's say you submit 50,000 pages from your large ecommerce web site. Flat-fee pricing though the Search Connect program would cost about $600,000, assuming you were allowed to exceed the 1,000 page limit in that program. In contrast, Index Connect would charge a per click fee only if someone actually came to your site via one of the URLs in the program.

Inktomi says that it generally charges 25 cents per click, though a site categorized in a popular category might pay more . There is also no setup charge that Inktomi levies, though its partners may have their own. Nor does Inktomi have a monthly minimum charge, though again, its partners may. Pages generally go live within 48 hours.

That pricing is if you go into the program directly through Inktomi. You might pay more or less if you use one of Inktomi's resellers. This is because they may bundle the Index Connect program with some of their own unique services.

The program is also available free of charge to major charities, non-profit groups and educational institutions. Organizations such as The Hunger Project and are examples of those that have been supported this way. If you think you qualify, use the appropriate link below.

One feature with Index Connect is that Inktomi can take in an XML feed. This means that instead of crawling a web site, you'd feed it a database that would list each URL, its title, meta description and keywords tags, plus body abstract or other information.


Which company should you go with? When it comes to Index Connect, it will probably depend on your own personal needs. Several of them offer unique services, such as Inceptor's ability to take in XML feeds and send these to Inktomi or Position Technologies' ability to spider your web site and help identify pages it believes may be successful with Inktomi and other search engines.

Pricing is also an issue, both with Index Connect and Search Submit. Basically, you've got a variety of choices, so check out your options and select a partner that best seems to fit your needs and budget.

Inktomi says that at the moment, more than 100 customers are involved with Index Connect, including companies such as A&E, Amazon, the National Wildlife Federation and Nordstrom. More than 30,000 customers are said to be enrolled through Search Submit.

More about Inktomi's programs and links to partners offering it can be found below.

Inktomi Index Connect

More details about the Index Connect program.

Inktomi Index Connect: Non-Profits

If you are a non-profit, charitable, educational or government organization, Index Connect is available to you for free. Use the form above to get in contact with Inktomi. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORM UNLESS YOU QUALIFY.

Inktomi Search Submit

More details about the Search Submit program

Inktomi Partners

All of Inktomi's Search Submit and Index Connect partners are listed here, with short summaries about them.

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