AltaVista Relaunches Site

The Search Engine Report, Dec. 5, 2002

AltaVista again rolls out a new look and renews past promises that it is firmly focused on providing the best quality search possible. Chris Sherman reviews the latest version of AltaVista in the SearchDay article below, and reports from others are also listed.

Can AltaVista's Phoenix Help it Rise Again?
SearchDay, Nov. 12, 2002

AltaVista has a history of rolling out a new look along with promises about search that it fails to keep, but Chris Sherman feels the latest "Phoenix" launch by AltaVista shows the company as making genuine moves to reestablish itself as a web search leader. He examines new features, streamlining and under-the-hood changes.

AltaVista Makeover: A Better View
Wired News, Nov. 13, 2002,1367,56335,00.html

"What we've done over the past year is focus the company back on our core strength and our roots, which is search," says Jim Barnett, AltaVista's CEO, in this article. Actually, AltaVista's supposedly been doing this for over two years, since major layoffs were announced in September 2000. In conjunction with those staff cuts, the AltaVista said it was firmly focused on being just a search engine, not a portal. "We are now in a position to unleash our search expertise with a clear, singular focus to penetrate every layer of the search market for both consumers and businesses," said then AltaVista CEO Rod Schrock.

AltaVista returns from the Wilderness
ComputerWire, Nov. 12, 2002

The new AltaVista look
Pandia, Nov. 9, 2002

AltaVista searches for a new image, Nov. 8, 2002

The search goes on
The Guardian, Nov. 25, 2002,7558,846735,00.html

Overview of the highs AltaVista once had, the lows its since encountered and how it hopes its recent relaunch will make it a dominant force, once again.