Excite Adds Media Search

Looking for RealAudio or RealVideo files? The new Excite Audio/Video search service will help you find them. The service's search interface is built into the recently released RealPlayer G2 software, which allows users to hear and see these types of files.

Those with RealPlayer G2 will find the Excite search box at the bottom of the player window, next to the Excite logo. Simply replace the existing "Enter your Audio/Video search here" text with terms you'd like to look for. Then pages linking to matching clips will be displayed within your browser.

For example, entering "furby" brings up results that list a page from ABCnews.com. That page has a link to a RealVideo clip which shows the electronic toy in action. You'll often also discover other audio-video files on pages listed, such as QuickTime clips, though Excite isn't explicitly cataloging these.

Excite is not actually indexing the RealNetwork files themselves. Instead, it scans within a collection of web pages that actually link to RealNetwork files. Those containing the query words are displayed. It's a best guess method similar to that used by other media search services.

RealPlayer G2 is available as a free download, via the link below. For those without the player, try the second link as a workaround to see how the service works.

RealPlayer G2

There are two options: RealPlayer G2 and RealPlayer Plus G2. The first option is free and provides A/V search capabilities.

Specialty Search Engines

See the Multimedia Search section for other media search services.