Search Year In Review, With A Laugh

Peter Da Vanzo's 2004: The Search Engine Year in Review article over at (soon to gain the rightful tag, The Original Search Engine Blog™) not only gives you a short summary of major events in search with a search marketing perspective but also provides plenty of chuckles along the way, such as...

  • It is strongly rumoured by those-in-the-know that Yahoo will definitely "go Inktomi" soon. Yahoo don't "go Inktomi". Instead, Yahoo confuses the hell out of everybody with a cryptic pay-per-inclusion program.
  • MSN roll out their search beta, which gets mixed reviews. GoogleGuy helpfully suggests some deconstruction of the MSN algo.
  • Bill Gates thinks he has the answer to search. It lies in providing answers to questions, like "Why is the sky blue". Amusingly, Google had the answer to that question at #1, while MSN featured an ad for a Casino. Still does, in fact.

On that last point, I have to add that for me, both Google and the current MSN Search (along with Yahoo) show exactly the same page as number one -- a clever online casino site that does provide the answer as a traffic draw, boosted by having apparently having acquired the domain previously used by a non-casino site talking about the blue sky topic. But the beta MSN Search site brings up a nicer page from Sky Watch, so a few kudos to Bill and team (and OK, nice going Ask Jeeves, as well).