Average Keyword Prices Drop For First Time Since September

The Keyword Price Index from Fathom Online for January showed a 3 percent drop from last month, the first decline since the index began in September. The average keyword price dropped from $1.70 in in December to $1.64 in January. The chart below gives a per category breakdown:


Jan. 2005

Change From Last Month

Percent Change

















Consumer Services




Consumer Retail
















The mortgage and broadband categories were the only ones to rise. Mortgage is now the only category to consistently show month-to-month rises since the index began.

The wireless category saw a severe drop. After months of being around the $1.09 mark, it dropped to $0.79. Fathom speculates this might be to do a drop off in giving phones as gifts, now that the holiday shopping period has passed.

Below, a graphical look at the prices over time. Prices for the mortgage category are broken out from the others, so that you can better see trends:

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