NetRatings Search Popularity & Loyalty Figures For Jan. 2005

I've posted new, improved search-specific stats from NetRatings painting a picture of search popularity in the US for January 2005. In the past, NetRatings didn't provide stats based on search volume, which I feel provides a better picture of which search engines are being used the most. Now those stats are available. For last January, they show what you'd probably expect. Google is in the lead, followed by Yahoo, then MSN and AOL. Check them out here: Nielsen NetRatings Search Engine Ratings. For Search Engine Watch members, I've also done a longer analysis of the figures, comparing them to some recent comScore ones. I also looked at some some interesting "crossover" or "search loyalty" statistics that NetRatings released (link to PDF file) earlier this month. That members article is here: NetRatings Search Popularity & Loyalty Figures.

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