Sex Is Still A Top Search Term

I had someone email me recently asking whether the "urban legend" of sex and porn being top search terms was still true. Hmm. Is it? I thought it would be fun to check back on the situation. In the longer version of this post for Search Engine Watch members, a look at how "popular" search queries lists such as shown here get cleaned up, so that sex doesn't show. Plus, data from a study released last year on how sex-related queries have dropped. That may be so, but keyword research tool Wordtracker sent me an unfiltered version of its top 30 list that I've posted for members. It shows sex is still number one -- to the count of 302,993 searches per day based on data over the past 60 days from Infospace-owned Dogpile and Metacrawler. Number two? Porn, at 234,751 queries per day.