Wink & Web 2.0 Search Panel

Web 2.0: Looking for new ideas in search is a short rundown on new entries into the search space talking at the Web 2.0 conference this week. Search Panel - Web 2.0 from ClickZ covers the same panel. Both focus mainly on Wink is a tag-based search engine and backing TagCamp to help create a standard tagging taxonomy. PubSub also talked of wanting to have more standard ways to structure information.

In case you missed it, tags were hot but don't seem to be as hot as in the past, as the problems with tagging that anyone should have expected have cropped up. But now "camps" are hot in the wake of FooCamp and BarCamp (for those not lucky enough to be invited to FooCamp) and campish-Web. 2.1. So add some camp to your tags, and they're hot again!

Actually, camps sound pretty cool. I want to do SearchCamp, except it would be for kids, teaching them to search better.

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