Search Engine Roundup: Sept 2000

Search Engine Roundup: Sept. 2000

By Danny Sullivan
From The Search Engine Report
Sept. 4, 2000

EXCITE INTEGRATES CATEGORY INFO: Excite ( has added category links to listings in its web search results that also appear categorized within its LookSmart-powered directory. For example, search for "movies," and you'll see below some of the listings links such as "Excite Category: Movies" or "Excite Category: New Shopping Videos." Clicking on these takes you into the Excite directory area.

AOL ADDS POPULARITY SEARCH: Those searching at AOL Search ( will now find an option to view sites as ranked by popularity. After searching, click on the "Most Popular Sites" link that appears at the top of the Matching Sites section of the search results. This will reorder the results based on what AOL users find popular for that particular query.

RAGING SEARCH GETS CUSTOM FEATURES: AltaVista's Raging Search has rolled out cool new customization features that let you control the colors used on the site, number of results, information displayed and much more. An explanation can be found at

ALTAVISTA OPENS WAP SEARCH ENGINE: AltaVista has also rolled out a new WAP search engine, which can be found at

DIRECTORIES CLAIM TO BE BIGGEST: The Open Directory announced last month that it now lists over 2 million sites, making it the largest human-powered directory of web sites. However, LookSmart is also claiming to have 2 million sites listed. A look at comparative directory sizes can be found at

ESTEI LAUDER SETTLES PART OF KEYWORD AD ACTIONS: Estie Lauder has settled its lawsuits in the United States, France and Germany against iBeauty (formerly Fragrance Counter) that involved banner advertisements on the Excite search engine. iBeauty has agreed to voluntarily refrain from using "Estee," "Lauder," "Estee Launder," "Clinique" and "Origins" as terms linked to banner advertisements. Estee Lauder's suits against Excite for selling the link banner advertisements continue. They have been filed in the United States, France and Germany. Estee Lauder won the German suit last March, but the case remains under appeal. As a note of disclaimer, I'm giving testimony in favor of Excite in a similar but separate case filed by Playboy in the United States against the search engine. More information about these cases can be found at

SITE SEARCHERS ADD MORE FORMATS: (, which provides software-free site search, can now interact with sites created with Adobe GoLive 5. The company already supports indexing of Adobe Acrobat PDF files, as well as text within Flash and MP3 files. Meanwhile, competitor ( has just added PDF support.

GOOGLE OFFERS SITE SEARCH: Webmasters looking to make their own sites searchable without software can now add Google to the list of companies to consider. Google is offering indexing of an unlimited number of pages and queries, and no software installation is required. Details of the beta program can be found at