Paid Links Dropped, Other Changes At AltaVista

Paid Links Dropped, Other Changes At AltaVista

From The Search Engine Report
August 2, 1999

There were a number of developments at AltaVista last month, and here's a rundown to the major ones:

+ AltaVista has eliminated its paid links program. "It just didn't work well enough either for the advertisers or the users," said Tracy Roberts, AltaVista's marketing director. AltaVista is planning a new advertiser program in the near future, Robert said, but she wouldn't provide further specifics. Expect more when they can talk about details....

+ AltaVista is now featuring Open Directory information within its new "My AltaVista" channel. Near the bottom of the My AltaVista home page, you'll find a "Web Directory" area where you can browse listings that derive from the Open Directory. AltaVista maintains its partnership with LookSmart for directory listings in the main site, and there are no plans to change this any time soon, Roberts said.

+ My AltaVista itself is new, and it offers AltaVista users the ability to have personalized features such as those available from Yahoo, Go, Excite and Lycos. Users who register can have a customizable AltaVista start page featuring weather, sports scores, news headlines and other options.

+ AltaVista has launched a free Internet access service, AltaVista FreeAccess, for US users.

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