GoTo Makes Overture To New Name

Goodbye GoTo; Hello Overture. That's to be the new name for GoTo, come October 8.

It was nearly a year ago that GoTo announced it was going to change its name. The company wanted something that reflected its new business of distributing search results to others, rather than trying to attract customers to its site.

"Overture is an introduction, and we feel that's what we do as a company," said GoTo's chief operating officer Jaynie Studenmund. "We also felt it was a sophisticated enough name, in case our products expand."

The move to the name in October will also mean a new stock ticker symbol, GOTO being replaced by OVER.

Don't worry -- entering into your browser will still bring you to the right place, even after the name change. GoTo plans to maintain the domain for at least though next March 15.



See the logo, at this placeholder for the future new site of GoTo.

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