Go.com Becomes GoTo

The Go.com web site has switched over to providing search results from paid listings service GoTo.com, which puts Disney in the odd situation of earning money from the same company it had to pay millions to last year, after a lawsuit over logos.

Disney previously announced that the Go.com site was to close by the end of February. Despite this, the service has continued operating and providing results from its own search listings. That changed as of today, with Go.com's own search engine replaced by paid listings from GoTo.

While GoTo does have some editorial-style non-paid results which come from Inktomi, most of its top listings will be dominated by advertiser links. Consequently, a search for "Disney" on Disney-owned Go.com doesn't find the official Disney.com web site until clicking through seven pages of search results.

Specifically, the Disney.com site appears in position 103, because there are 102 advertisers paying to appear for its name in GoTo's listings.

Ironically, Disney lost a lawsuit against GoTo last year and was forced to pay $21.5 million for infringing on GoTo's logo. Now the company is earning back some of that loss through revenues it is almost certainly gaining by carrying GoTo's listings.



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