Submission Changes At MSN Search

Submission Changes At MSN Search

From The Search Engine Report
December 3, 1998
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MSN Search has begun accepting direct submissions to its index. Those with access to the paid Submit It submission service can access this feature now, and by the middle of the month, anyone should be able to submit using either the free version of Submit It or a form at the MSN Search page.

An MSN Search submission page also means that MSN Search will have its own submission policies. These are still being developed, but so far, MSN Search General Manager Bill Bliss says that the service is inclined to limit sites to submitting only one URL -- whatever the site's home page is. After that, the service will leave it to Inktomi to look for additional pages.

Expect there to be changes and more details as MSN Search deals with submission issues for the first time.

MSN Search

Submit It

See the second URL for information specifically about submitting to MSN Search via Submit It.

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