July 2000 Search Engine Briefs

July 2000 Search Engine Briefs

From The Search Engine Report
July 5, 2000

LookSmart Ends Pricing Tests

LookSmart did a last round of price testing for its express submission service last week, including raising the price from $199 to $299. However, anyone who paid the higher amount was in reality only supposed to be charged the "normal" price, the company says. LookSmart said there would be no more price tests after last Friday, and final submission pricing should be set this month. Currently, the express service is back to the regular $199 fee, but the free submit option still bars non-commercials sites from using it. I don't think this has been made a formal change, but I'll let you know in the next newsletter.

Free Listings Gone At LookSmart
The Search Engine Report, June 2, 2000

Explains how LookSmart has been experimenting with different submission systems.


Fact Search Engines Available


Rather than crawling the web or depending on humans, xrefer is powered by encyclopedias, dictionaries, books of quotations and other reference works. It's designed to help you locate facts backed by trusted publishers such as Penguin and Oxford University Press.

Fact City

Like xrefer, Fact City's goal is to deliver authoritative facts, rather than links to web pages. Unlike xrefer, the company's model is to provide services to portals, rather than run its own search site. Current live partners are sport sites FOXSports.com and ESPN.com. Use the "Try It" link from the FactCity home page to try the service in action at these sites.


Vortal Services Now Offered

In April, I wrote about how a number of new players were entering the vertical portal market, offering the ability for site owners to create specialty search engines that encompass sites related to a particular topic. Now two of those players have released their products, which were previously pending. The players, then a link to my earlier article, for those who may have missed it:

Sandy Bay Networks

"BetterGetter" has been renamed the Results Engine. You can have a specialty search engine of up to 20,000 pages for free, while Sandy Bay plans to recoup its costs by selling advertising within the results that it delivers. The tools for webmasters to control and manage listings look impressive. There's currently no signup form for the service. If you are interested, use the small "Contact Us" link at the bottom right-hand corner of the home page to send email to sales or to call the company.

Searchbutton Community Search

Searchbutton's vertical portal product is now available to customers. Get in contact using this page. Unlike Sandy Bay, you pay for the service, with pricing beginning at $100 per month. However, there are no page count restrictions and presumably no Searchbutton ads on your pages.

The Vortals Are Coming! The Vortals Are Coming!
The Search Engine Report, April 4, 2000

The earlier article I wrote about vertical search engines, with more players mentioned.


On The Radar Screen

Below are new search tools that I may be looking at in more depth, in the future.


Personalized search service, where your actions and member profile influence the type of results you receive.


Alexa/FlySwat like browsing companion that suggests content from its partners that is related to what you are viewing.