“Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer”

The new book, "Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer," is hot off the press. Written by Bryan Eisenberg and John Quarto-vonTivadar, with contribution from Lisa T. Davis, the book will help you understand how to set up website optimization tests and improve your conversion rates.

And, if you are going to SES San Jose next week, head over to the "Pay Per Conversation" session on Monday, Aug. 18 at 11:15 a.m. and get Bryan to sign a copy of the book, which is being provided as a courtesy by Google.

(Get there early since Google will only be giving away a few hundred books.)

I confess that we've been sitting on this story since June, when Mitch Joel of Twist Image and Six Pixels of Separation blog interviewed Bryan about his new book for the SES Conference Expo Channel on YouTube. If you want a sneak preview, check out the video interview below.

Bryan Eisenberg, "Always be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer"

If you want more information, read "Always Be Testing Unleashed" on the GrokDotCom blog.

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Greg Jarboe is president of SEO-PR, which provides search engine optimization, public relations, video marketing, and social media marketing services. He's the author of "YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day," a faculty member at Rutgers University and Market Motive, as well as a frequent speaker at SES conferences.